Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 365

I have decided to try my hand at the 365 challenge this year. The idea is to take a photo every single day and then have that and kind of your year in review. I have decided to kind of take a different spin and try to find one bright spot in every day to kind of remind me that my life doesn't suck as bad as I think it does *LOL* So here are the photos from the first three days.

Jan 3rd - I LOVE sharpened pencils..especially colored pencils. I know...a rare enjoyment for most I am sure, but it is a smile for sure for me!!

Jan 2nd - this is the mess left over from my weekend of scrapping. Those piles are a pain in the rumpus, but I love to look at them and know what I accomplished out of those piles.

Jan 1 - Who knew that cats even sleep like this. but Finn does all the time and I think it is pretty cute.

Just two more days until the start of My Lifetime Challenge. I will be back on Wednesday to share my title page. See you then!!!

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