Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 365 - Jan 4 & 5

January 4 - Finn in the garbage. I bagged up two bags of garbage to take out with me in the morning when I left for work. Later when I walked past the living room, I saw that Finn had torn them both open and pulled stuff out of the bags around the living room. So I got this black lawn and leaf bag and threw the two bags inside and picked up all the stuff that he had strung across the floor. I go back later and this is what I see....so I had to get a picture before I about killed him!!!!!!!!!!

January 5 - One of my co-workers and friends was diagnosed with breast cancer last september and has been on a medical leave ever since. She was having her 5th of 6 chemo treatments today, so we took a break from work and drove over to see her for a bit. We had all gone together and got her this "Fight Like a Girl" hoodie and cap, which she loved. So this is all of us squeezing into her chemo room for a visit. It sure was fun to see her and she looked fabulous!!

My LifeTime Story starts tomorrow so I will be back with my layout and the first prompt.

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