Monday, February 22, 2010

My Lifetime Story Prompts 5, 7 & 8

Sorry - this is gonna be a long one...I have been a bad bad blogger!!!

Promt #5 - My Grandparents
I loved doing these layouts about my grandparents. I was very blessed to be able to grow up in the same town as both sets of grandparents and therefore got to spend alot of time with them all.  Writing all this journaling about my experiences with them was a fun trip down memory lane, but also made me miss them.  I had so much journaling about them that I had to add a second page to each layout just to hold it all.  I sewed a second piece of the same paper on to the back of each layout for the extra journaling.  Here is a photo:

PROMPT #7 - My Siblings.

As I thought about creating this layout about my siblings, I kept thinking about how close knit we are and so I wanted to carry that theme through the layouts and decided to use fabric for my backgrounds instead of paper. I printed the journaling about each one on vellum so that the fabric could show through. Then I used photos of me with each sibling and one with me and that siblings family.

PROMPT #8 - Homes I have lived in
I have lived in alot of houses in my life, but I choose to focus on the two main houses in my life....the farm and then my Grandparents house, which we moved into in 1982. The journaling reads:
"Peeling paint, rotting wood, broken cement, leaky roof, cracking plaster walls, missing shingles, old wiring and plumbing, broken windows, old fashioned wallpaper, hand me down furniture Our houses had all of this and more, but we didn't really notice. We looked beyond all that and saw the "homes" we were blessed to have with more love than most people have, more than money can buy"

Thanks for looking!!!