Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Lifetime Story Week #1

Wahoo!!  The challenge at has officially started and I am so excited.  This week's prompt is to create your title page for the album you will create this year. More information can be found here

When I sat down to create my title page, I knew I wanted to showcase some photos of myself through the years.  I have to admit, I had alot of photos to start with and had a hard time narrowing them down.  There were ones that I absolutely loved and even some that I hated, but they were me....the true me, so I included a couple of those too. The interesting thing for me was to see all the photos laying on the page together because I realized that I have had the same cheeks from day 1....and I think they are kind of cute. I had never seen that before.  So already this challenge has made me see things about myself I didn't know.  Anyway....on to the layout.  I included lots of flowers and bling because those are two of my favorite things.

Some close ups:

I hope that you will venture over to and check out the challenge.  I am looking forward to the next 51 weeks and discovering more about myself.

I will be back tomorrow with more of my 365 photos...have a good one from today. 

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