Sunday, September 20, 2009

My newest addition

Well, I finally did it...I got a kitten. I have been wanting one for a while to keep me company and I finally decided to do it. I was worried about him being alone on weekends when I travel to South Dakota, but David convinced me that if I left enough water and food, he would be just fine. So I did it. I found a listing on craigslist and went to meet the kittens today. There were quite a few, but this was by far my favorite. The woman who had them was just so nice!! I spent about 30 minutes seeing all her cats and seeing her potbelly pigs. So he has been roaming around the apartment trying to figure things out. He also spent ALOT of time napping on my chest, shoulders and scrapbooking desk. We even took a nap together this afternoon. I haven't named him yet...I told David he could pick a name since he is much more clever than I am in that area. I am gonna hate to leave this little guy tomorrow when I go to work.

Here are some photos...he is actually a little darker orange than it looks in the photos:

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