Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, just a couple of days until Christmas and the unbelievable part is that I am actually ready. In fact, all the presents are already in the car ready to go. Now, if I can just beat the predicted snow storm, I will have a nice long weekend in Clear Lake with the family. I can't wait! I just love Christmas...always have. In fact, as a kid I used to get so excited about Christmas that I usually ended up throwing up on Christmas Eve. I am not quite that bad these days, but kinda close.

SO....I can't believe that I haven't come here to share my big news yet. Faithsisters.com is a fantastic scrapbook message board that I frequent. In 2010, they are starting a year long challenge to scrapbook all about you and your life. There will be a new prompt for a layout each week. They had a call for a creative team to help with the challenge throughout the year. So I threw my hat in the ring...and I MADE IT!!! I have always wanted to be on a creative team, but never thought my scrapping was good enough. But I finally decided that I would never be choosen if I never entered. The creative team is given the prompts ahead of time and then we will create layouts that will be posted with the prompts each week as examples of the topic. Another part of our job is to spread the word about the site on other message boards and also to support and encourage the other board members who are doing the challenge. I already have my first 12 prompts and am anxious to egt started. I needed to get Christmas over first ;-) So keep an eye out for new layouts each week starting in 2010.

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Safe travels if you are traveling somewhere and God grant you patience if you are hosting. I look forward to a fantastic 2010!!